Awards Received

The Newcastle Diamonds Speedway team has a track address in Newcastle Stadium Fossway, England. Since 1938, the team had received major team honours. In the same year, the team received the Northern Cup. All throughout England, this speedway team is very popular. After receiving the award mentioned, they again received an award the following year which is the English Speedway Trophy. Then, in 1964, the team received the honor as the Provincial League Champions. And in 1975, the team was honored as the New National League Best Pairs Winners.

In the following year, the New Castle Diamonds received 3 major team honours such as National League Champions, National League Knockout Cup Winners, and the National League Fours. Then, in the year 1982, they again won and received the team honour as National League Champions, National League Knockout Cup Winners, Supernational Winners, and National League Fours. The following year, they again received an award and team honour as the National League Champions, Supernational Winners, and National League Fours. With the unity of the members, they had these achievements.

In 1991 to 1992, the team received an award and remained as the Gold Cup Winners. These are the achievements and awards received by the team during the 19th century. While during the 20th century, they again received major team honours such as the Premier League Champions, Premier League Knockout Cup Winners, Premier Trophy Winners, and Premier League Playoff Winners. Lastly, in 2011, the team became the Premier Shield Winners. These awards were received as the team continued with their unity as a Speedway team.